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2 Sided Orientation

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016 10:57AM EST

For most two sided jobs: Please ensure that your artwork is submitted head-to-head. In other words if looking at pg 1 of your PDF, if the content reads in the correct orientation (ie: NOT upside down: also referred to as “head up”) pg 2 should also be “head up” or not upside down.

Orientation for Folded jobs that flip open vertically (ie: a greeting card or folded business card):

Please make sure that the orientation of your back panel on pg 1 matches the orientation of your inside spread. So if pg 1 of your greeting card shows the back panel upside down on the upper half of your greeting cards OUTSIDE spread (the front cover panel would be head up or right-side up on the lower half of the spread), your inside spread would therefore need to be upside down as well. That will ensure the back panel and inside spread back up correctly on each other and will ensure that your inside spread will be head up after flipping open the card vertically. 

NOTE: If your greeting card opens left-to-right (horizontally), then both your outside spread and inside spread need to be ‘head up’.

Download our Orientation setup guide here.


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