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CMYK Colour Mode

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016 05:15PM EDT
Color Mode

Files must be sent in CMYK. Note if you send it other color modes a color shift may occur when the files are converted to CMYK. For best results, the design file should start off as a CMYK colour mode. If you have spot colors in your artwork, please convert to CMYK before saving. We do not guarantee color matching.

Black CMYK Saturation

Please convert any heavy coverage or heavy black areas to no more than 300% coverage.
Ie: Black cmyk values of C:100% / M: 100% / Y: 100% / K: 100% should be converted to a rich black setting of C: 30% / M: 20% / Y: 20% / K: 100% -- which will still yield a nice rich black without oversaturating the paper.

Black Text should be K:100 Only

For Black Text, please use 100% K only. (C0, M0, Y0, K100). Do not use a rich black or black CMYK composite for type or thin lines because it will result in fuzziness and misregistration issues.

Blue / Purple CMYK Values

For print to look blue, Cyan should exceed Magenta by 15% (ie: C100/M85/Y0/K0) 
For print to look purple, Magenta should exceed Cyan by 15% (ie: C85/M100/Y0/K0)

Red / Orange CMYK Values

For print to look Red, Magenta should exceed Yellow by 15% (ie: C0/M100/Y85/K0) 
For print to look Orange, Yellow should exceed Yellow by 15% (ie: C0/M85/Y100/K0)

Overprint Issues

Overprinting refers to the process of printing one colour on top of another. If you do not want this to happen make sure that the overprint options are turned off and switched to knockout in your document. Below, the file was not switched to overprint, even though the white text is showed on screen, when printed, the white text did not show up due to overprint issues.
Please note that our file preview does not display overprint issues, therefore, it is critical to check your file for overprint issues before uploading the file to us.

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